Hemp cosmetic gift set – liquid soap 300ml, body lotion 250ml and soap 100g

The hemp cosmetic gift set contains hemp liquid soap, body lotion and solid soap with hemp seed oil. The products are placed on a wooden pad and are wrapped in cellophane with a bow.

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Hemp cosmetics gift package – liquid soap, body lotion and soap with hemp seed oil

This hemp oil gift pack combines the best of the hemp oil world with gentle ingredients for complete skin care.

Why hemp oil? Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, making it an ideal ingredient for moisturizing and renewing your skin. Why not include this natural product in your skincare routine? Enjoy harmony and beauty with our Bohemia Herbs beauty gift pack. Bring a little natural care into your life and give your skin the best ingredients it deserves.

Cannabis cosmetic set includes:

Creamy liquid soap with hemp oil 300 ml. The liquid soap contains high-quality hemp seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae), which acts as a natural emollient, softens the effect of cleansing ingredients on the skin and helps keep it naturally soft and soft. The rich foam is suitable for everyday use, gently cleanses and leaves your skin fresh and beautifully scented.

Body lotion with hemp oil 250 ml. Hemp body lotion is enriched with quality hemp seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae), which acts as a natural emollient and helps keep the skin naturally soft and soft. It also contains special moisturizing oil ingredients, a mixture of vitamins and panthenol, which provide the skin with moisture and gentle care. It protects the skin from drying out and makes the skin beautifully supple and velvety soft.

Gentle toilet soap with hemp oil 100 g. Gentle hemp toilet soap with glycerin and quality hemp seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L. Angiospermae). Gently and effectively washes the skin of the whole body without excessive drying.

Hemp cosmetics gift package is a nice gift, where the products are placed on a wooden mat and then wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon.


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