Gift pack Dino – 2x shower gel 250 ml

The gift cosmetic package for children with pictures of dinosaurs contains two shower gels 250 ml specially developed for delicate children’s skin.

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Pieces / carton: 10 pcs
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Gift cosmetic package for children DINO

The Dino cosmetic set for children contains two 250 ml shower gels, the formula of which is specially developed for delicate children’s skin.

Children’s shower gel is a gentle personal care product suitable for washing the whole body. It contains high-quality cosmetic olive oil and seaweed extract (Ulva lactuca), which, in combination with other caring ingredients, help protect the skin from excessive drying and irritation during washing and keep it soft and supple.

DINO children’s shower gel 250 ml – dinosaur – green. Children’s cream shower gel with oil from the fruits of the European olive tree (Olea Europaea). It contains high-quality, cosmetic-grade olive oil with emollient and lubricating properties, which supports the washing properties of the product and helps protect the skin from drying out, while keeping it soft and supple.

For children aged 3+


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