Wine cosmetics with grape seed extract

Wine cosmetics with grape seed oil and grape seed extract.

The latest trend in daily personal hygiene that exploits original, natural plant components for improved skin care.  This cosmetics contains two unique substances originating from grape-vine a special grape seed oil and an extract from the grapes of the Common Grape-vine (Vitis vinifera), which contain fruit acids, minerals, flavonoids and other substances that have declared astringent, antioxidant, hydrating as well as other beneficial effects on the skin. The high-quality cleansing and caring components, the well-balanced pH and the effective combination of extracts all guarantee perfect and delicate washing that at the same time maintains the skin’s natural protective filter and moisture.

You can find in our product range shower gel, hair shampoo, sparkling bath bomb or original gift package, which can be perfect gift for your loved ones.

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