Cosmetic Gift Packages

Original design and handmade cosmetic gift packages consisting of Bohemia Gifts products. Cosmetics is containing cosmetic oils, natural extracts and other beneficial ingredients.

You can find in our product range gifts for men, women or children. Attractive are cosmetic gifts with lavender or sport fragrance, with argan or coconut oil, beer yeast and hop extract etc.

Are you looking for a suitable and original corporate gift? Give your business partners the cosmetic package with your logo or fully in your design?

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Gift pack – shower gel 200 ml + hair shampoo 200 g + bath foam 200 ml – Beer Spa

In stock

SKU: BC701536
Weight 0.82 kg

Gift pack – shower gel 200 ml + hair shampoo 200 ml – Beer Spa

In stock

SKU: BC701535
Weight 0.55 kg

Gift pack – beer bath foam 500 ml + shower gel 250 ml + soap 70 g – Beer Spa

In stock

SKU: BC802602
Weight 1.05 kg

Gift pack – beer hair shampoo 100 ml + shower gel 100 ml + soap 85 g (glass of beer) – Beer Spa

In stock

SKU: BC701530
Weight 0.35 kg

Gift pack – 2x shower gel 250 ml – Helík + 4in1

In stock

SKU: BC061840
Weight 0.6 kg

Gift pack Pretty Woman – shower gel 250 ml + 2x foaming bath bomb 100 g

In stock

SKU: BC210046

Gift cosmetic set – Boho

In stock

SKU: BC210047